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Western & Southern Financial Group, is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based diversified family of financial services companies with assets owned and managed in excess of $67.5 billion as of March 2017. As of 2018, it held a "AA- Very Strong" rating from Standard & Poor's.

An upset former employee said this in a review "I feel like I got tricked into working here. They just want people to come start out for them so they make their quota. Seems like one big pyramid scheme. Stay away from Western and Southern Financial Group if you want to make money and not have to hustle your friends and family for sales. Worst decision in my life to work here".


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This place is horrible. You should hear the way they pressure their employees during COVID. Unrealistic views. If you don't learn to treat your people better. then you won't have quality employees The Div Vice Presidents are horrible and need to be fired. Need true leadership for success."

Former Employee - Cash Management Analyst says

"Lack of advancement if you are not a white male, women are often excluded from meetings and lunches where decisions are made"

Former Employee - Professional says

"CEO is not a good honest person. Can’t be trusted"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CIO Lacks vision and it gets translated into next level of leaders. Feels like she is there waiting for her retirement. Follows whatever PwC says. PwC screwed up on a big program but is not held accountable because they have CIO in their pocket. Lack of diversity - Typical Mid-West white company. You look up during lunch in café and all you see a floor full of white people. Company is not ready to change with changing times. Men are required to wear a tie and suit everyday and women are required to wear formal attire even though one may not be in a customer facing role. No flexibility et all. Work hours are 45 per week instead of 40."

Former Employee - Information Technology says

"IT is treated poorly by all other areas of the company and the CIO is a lot to blame for this. Business and IT Technology is aging but the SR leadership focuses on buying software to manage IT budgets and projects and creating process flows on how to manage projects. CIO’s focus is on red tape and creating roadblocks and blaming her department for issues versus being a passionate leader that is investing her time in making the company holistically better and valuing her employees. Highly recommend not considering WS until CIO is replaced. PMO practices are outdated and impede progress. Issues have been brought to CIO attention, but they fall on deaf ears. Work balance is not good. People are promoted by hours in your seat versus quality work. This is a “Boys Club” as well. Don’t rock the boat here or ask challenging questions."

Current Employee - Financial Representative says

"Half of the Management team is okay to work with - LOTS of micromanagement to say the least. Too much turnover- it’s a revolving door! Plus They play favorites and no work/ life balance ."

Current Employee - Financial Representative says

"No training, no idea what your doing, cold calling, 100% comission, and no help from home office. I implore you to NOT look to them for a career. Your treated like your a nobody. Be very aware of their tactucs to lure you into their company. They lie to everyone and tell them your going to be a manager."

Current Employee - Service Consultant says

"Overbearing CEO, constantly pushing his political beliefs on you. Has a huge napoleon complex. Company is outdated and overly conservative, much like its CEO. Micromanaged like no other, nit picked about every thing. Was told paid sick days during interview, turns out you have to use your PTO if you call in or go home sick. That's not cool. If you want to work for a company stuck in the 60's, this is the place for you. Don't stick around if you have a visible tattoo, or more than one piercing on your ears, aw that's cause to get you in trouble."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This place feels like you're working in a retirement home in 1950. Extremely conservative with a white male catering mentality. Not diverse, no room for self expression or individualism. Dull, boring, depressing building (playing elevator music!!!) in serious need of many updates. Entire company is slow and stuck in the past, especially the technology. Expectation is to work 50 hours per week. No work/life balance. No option to work remotely. Barely any standup desks. Gym is not even open during lunch time. Free food is not that good of quality (surprise)! Little to no investment in employee appreciation activities or events. Will NEVER be able to keep young employees around if changes are not made very soon. CEO has no problem pushing his extreme conservative political views in inappropriate settings. If you're under 40 you will definitely hate it here I guarantee it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company, as a whole, is the most unprofessional bunch I've met, on any level. Con-artist that missed their calling as Kia salesmen. Half the time they lie about contracts and the other half they get wrong because they don't know their own rules/policies/SOP. Not just with agents but with clients too."

Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"I feel like i got tricked into working here....they just want people to come start out for them so they make their quota. Seems like one big pyramid scheme. Stay away if you want to make money and not have to hustle your friends and family for sales. Worst decision in my life to work here."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you have a week with no sales you are encouraged (basically forced) to buy a policy on yourself or family member. Too much time in office and it enough time to work with clients and make money. Ridiculously high turnover when I was employed there."


"Toxic environment. Terrible pay. Unqualified managers. If you are thinking about working here, just stop. You DO NOT want to work here. Literally anywhere else is better"

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"Turn over was very bad wouldn’t encourage anyone to work there. Manulipating sales for certain people and management to gain management bonuses was evident"

Senior Sales Representative/ Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This is a great job is if you know people with money! If you're poor don't waste your time. You will need to get rich people to invest in you. Good luck with that!"

Life Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Make phone calls to set appointments daily. I learned I didn't want to be in the insurance business any longer. My manager lacked the skills to create a team environment. No one stayed working there past 1 year of service. Long hours without the chance of overtime. I enjoyed working with people.Meeting new people.Too many hours and not enough pay."

Financial Representative (Current Employee) says

"just sink or swim. not a fun gig if you're just starting out and looking for your first job. company is stuck in the past and have a high turnover rate."

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"High pressure, people are constantly quitting or being fired. This is an awful place and I would not wish it on anyone. Stay away. Management has extremely unrealistic expectations and so good people are quitting constantly. This is an awful place.BenefitsManagement expectations are a guarantee of failure"

Sales Manager and Insurance Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here You were warned This iss all sales and comisssionss andd they do not give you a workable book"

financial representative (Current Employee) says

"Poor management! Horrible lying, deception from time of employment from divisional VP. Sales manager is a joke they have no idea what they are doing.benefitsdeception, structure (pay & managment)"

financial group employee (Current Employee) says

"Management is stuck in 1950!No Diversity, No opportunity for advancement. Horrible pay, Very Negative and depressing environment to work in. High turn-overfree lunchno diversity, no advancement, horrible pay"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you're in love with sales, go all in. The hardest part was working with chauvinistic bosses who thought I was an idiot. The best part, I haven't figured out yet. I hated this place.set your own schedule in salessketchy bosses"

Lafayette Life Case Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The systems used do not interface with each other and are very old pre 2000. Very hard to serve your customer in a timely manor when you have to use so many systems. Management is not willing to communicate with you regarding your needs to preform the job. Very few tools to preform the job correctly.salarypoor systems no support from management"

Life/Health Insurance Sales (Former Employee) says

"W&S is a prime example of the "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO" leadership method. I worked for this company for little over a year. The management, both sales level and district, will do anything in their power to bring on new agents. This may sound like good recruiting to some, but they lie and make promises they have no intentions on keeping... and they wonder why they have a high turnover rate. Want a company that supports it's agents and helps produce leads? Then keep looking. You are expected to prospect in the field for close to 11 hours a week in addition to having 12 "in home" appointments, and lets not forget the 3 days a week you are supposed to be in the office from 9am - 1pm, or later, doing useless filing. The compensation is horrible and there are basically no renewals. Don't expect to have the weekends off either. If you do not have 12 appointments set for the following week you will have to come into the office on a Saturday from 10am-12pm for a call session. You do get a book a business from the company when you start, but these poor people have been passed around from agent to agent and are harassed by phone calls and annoying mailers every few weeks. Count your blessings if you get anywhere with this company..."

Programmer Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Company is outdated and old fashioned. IT is not run efficiently and lacks ITIL standards. I would not recommend this as a place to work. Also working remotely occasionally is highly discouraged.Free lunchStrict working hours"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Cry babies rule. Management always gives in to the cry babies. The women make all the rules and do what they want. If they don't want to do the work because it hard, they complain to their manager, and he changes his view and dumps the work on the newest person.Free lunchesManagement"

Financial Representative (Current Employee) says

"Provided world class customer service to domestic and international transportation customers. Managed up to 20 other managers; managed all responsibilities for 2nd shift crews, and weekend crews. Most enjoyable part - working with customers, thinking out of the box to find a resolution for their problem.Working with customersGood ole boy system still in effect at company"

Records Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Corporate records backfile team has fake/biased manager who harasses you unless you're a brown noser. No transparency to save your life unless its time for a written counsel. There is no diversity I can count on my fingers and toes how many black ppl work in the company. They will cover up dirt for favored employees. I warned you run for the hills my loves run!!!!!!!!!Free lunchWACK management"

Registered Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management steals leads from sales people. Upper Management allows local management to steal from their employees. When you call corp to complain, they have a lawyer call you back and change what was said.NoneBad company to work for!"

Sales rep (Former Employee) says

"This was a mult-level-marketing company.The management was strong in the area of recruiting training, but the sales training was weak.good trainingno benefits"

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